Broken Free Gatherings

Aren’t you sick of the cycle?
Has anyone ever told you that complete freedom is possible for every believer?

If you think you were meant to struggle for the rest of your life, you are believing a lie.

There are two ways to get involved with Broken Free, but before those details, there’s something you should know.

Let’s be clear: there is no magic bullet, no single book that will awaken you, and no 12-step program that will free you.  No accountability partner will give you what you need and no sermon, teacher, preacher or podcast will set you free.

You must be set free by The Son (John 8:36)!sets-free

Broken Free is a ministry launched through Threshold Church in 2015 for those who are seeking freedom from sexual sin! The Bible is clear that “it was for freedom that Christ set us free” and “who the Son sets free is free indeed” – but statistics show that over 65% of those sitting in our evangelical churches are consistently viewing pornography.

Justin Rule started Broken Free with his wife Whitney after feeling the Lord’s call to share the truth of freedom, hope, and redemption in a world where most people settle to just expect seasonal-victory in this area of sin.


Come when you can:

If you desire to ‘come when you can’, for the men, there are many opportunities to connect with Broken Free: 

  • attend a gathering in your area (held monthly on Monday nights)
  • attend a monthly Saturday ‘intensives’ (primarily for those committed to a Freedom Trimester)
  • follow email messages, blogs, online resources, 
  • attend annual Freedom Weekend and other occasional retreats and special events designed to challenge your heart to encounter The Truth, and help you grow in your journey towards freedom.

You are free to come and go as your schedule allows.

Wives have meetings with Whitney Rule, where they gather in small groups to pray for their husbands, and learn how to walk as free women in their identity in Christ – untainted by their husbands choices.

OR Commit to a Freedom Trimester:

Those men who truly desire to see their flesh die to sin and to see the new life, freedom, and renewed mind that Christ promises – you are invited to make a 12-week commitment to Broken Free.  In return, Broken Free makes a commitment to you. (See below)

You will be required to attend all worship gatherings, intensives, homework, readings, meetings with Broken Free leadership etc, and there is a cost involved. There is usually a Weekend Gathering in each Trimester as well. But Justin and the Broken Free Leadership Team make a commitment to you – to meet with you, pray with you, support you, and invest in you so that the fullness of season will be realized.

Weekly Gathering Details (Either 1st Mondays in Ephrata or 2nd Mondays in Lancaster):

Broken Free gatherings happen on a semi-weekly basis and allow an individual to soak in the transforming power of the presence of the Lord through worship and prayer, be ministered to through teaching from The Word of God, and receive individual prayer, prophetic, or deliverance ministry.  For those willing to make a commitment to a season of pursuing freedom, they can commit to an official “Broken Free Trimester”.


Broken Free Men’s Worship Gathering Quick Facts:

  • Led by: Justin Rule
  • When? 1st Mondays (Ephrata Gateway House of Prayer 9-11pm), 2nd Mondays (Lancaster Hope City Church, 8:30-10:30pm). 
  • Who?  MEN ages 17+
  • Where? Follow on FB and email to stay updated on location
  • What? An hour of encountering the Lord through worship and prayer, followed by an hour of teaching, discussion and discipleship.
  • Cost? Nothing.
  • Commitment? Typically 12-16 weeks


Broken Free Wives Group FACTS:

  • Led by: Whitney Rule
  • When? TBD in 2019
  • Time? 8:30-10:30pm
  • Who?  Wives
  • Where? 1749 Iron Bridge Rd, Columbia PA 17512
  • What? Wives gather to share, pray, and embrace hope as we learn to pursue the freedom Christ has for all who have been hurt, lied to, or deceived by our husbands sexual sin and addiction. You are not alone!
  • Commitment? Come when you can
  • Contact Whitney with questions at


The Men’s Gatherings have an opportunity to commit to a specific session, which in turn reaps a greater investment from Broken Free members also committed to that session.  There is daily challenges, weekly homework, reading assignments, journaling, warrior-brother partnerships and a real opportunity to encounter both victory and freedom that comes from Christ.  You are strongly encouraged to fill out an application that will help BF Leadership know your situation and how to pray for you if you want to be a part of the upcoming session.  There is a small fee that covers the cost of materials.

Host Broken Free At Your Church!

You can bring a night of worship, teaching and ministry to your church for the men in your fellowship!