Freedom from pornography, addiction, and sexual sin.

Are you trapped in the grip of pornography, adult stores, strip clubs, affairs, voyerism, masturbation, adult novels, fantasy, sleeping around, or criminal behavior?


That is not what you were made for!

There Is Freedom From Sexual Sin, Pornography And Addiction!

Join a local gathering.
Stop rationalizing the struggle as "normal"

You can believe the lie that your struggle is your cross to bear - or that porn is your thorn in life - or that you are the only one in the battle.

Or know the Truth that sets you free.

Join a gathering of men who are believing God for what He promised: freedom!
Justin Rule
Founder | Broken Free

More than victory

Did you know that God has more for you than perpetual struggling? There is a greater hope than the sporadic seasons of victory – there is FREEDOM!

Pornography, sexual addiction and sexual identity issues are running rampant in the world…and the church. The reality is that Jesus paid to free both the world and the Church, however, it is impossible to free yourself.

You must be broken free.

It is not the result of your own efforts, a program or a good book. But through Christ, you can indeed be transformed and broken free by the renewing of your mind! Being FREE is an identity, a decision and a destination.

It is the death of the struggle and the end to giving in to temptation… and it is for now. It is for you.

Men who are struggling

Nomatter how dark, broken, hopeless, or confused this finds you, Christ promises a new mind and a new heart - and freedom for those who repent and seek Him!

Wives of porn addicts

Your identity was never meant to be shaped by your husband's perspective of you. Even in the midst of your storm, there is a hope and a freedom Christ has for you!


The question is not IF the issue exists in your church - the question is WHAT are you doing about it? Justin is available to speak to your congregation, small groups, or host retreats.

Women who are struggling

We know that sexual struggles are not just "men problems." While we don't offer ministry directly to women struggling with sexual sin, our resources are for you too!

Experience a Taste of A Broken Free Gathering:

Amazing group of men walking together to overcome porn and sex addictions. Justin is a passionate man who longs to see men set free from these addictions and truly is a "man with a plan." Justin deeply cares about these guys as if they were his brothers. This is a group you want to be in if you are struggling with such behavior. You will find caring men, non judgmental attitudes and a belief in God and each other to break free!
Maurice C
Harrisburg, PA

Attend a Gathering

Local Broken Free Gatherings:
1st Monday Nights | Ephrata, PA from 9-11pm at Gateway House of Prayer
2nd Monday Nights | Lancaster, PA from 8:30-10:30pm at Hope City Church

4th Monday Nights | Columbia, PA from 8:30-10:30pm at Ignite Building

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There's a lot of junk out there - these are solid resources for freedom.

1st Mondays at Gateway House of Prayer from 9-11pm in Ephrata, PA

2nd Mondays at Hope City Church from 8:30-10:30pm in Lancaster, PA

4th Mondays at Ignite Buiding from 8:30-10:30pm in Columbia, PA