10 Day Challenge

Can you commit to 10 days of pursuing freedom and drawing near to the Lord with me?

Freedom is real.

The death of the struggle comes through life by The Spirit.

For the next 10 days, I challenge you to join me and spend 10 minutes focusing on a new aspect of drawing near to the Lord in worship, prayer, meditation, and memorization. His promise is to draw near to us in response!


Day 1 – it’s just 10 minutes. Day 2 – you’ll revisit the first day’s topic in prayer for 10 minutes, then add another 10 minute prayer segment to your day as you drive to and from work, or wait in line, or step away to pray.

This is not an easy challenge. 

It will require sacrifice. You will need to prioritize your time, your schedule, and see if you are really hungry for freedom… or just looking for a quick fix.

We will add a new 10-minute prayer focus each day of the challenge – and you’ll see your days transform as you take back useless, fruitless, and weak moments of your day!

Sign up. I dare you.

Before you sign up - watch this:

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Make a commitment to spend an extra 10 minutes a day drawing near to The One who sets men free... and trust Him to show up!
Justin Rule
Founder - Broken Free


Have you given up hope?

Are you sick of the cycle of shame or failure?

Do you even know what freedom feels like… Biblically?

Men – this is a life or death situation.

If you are struggling and calling it ‘normal Christianity’ to live a life of victory-failure-victory, I have good news: Jesus paid for more! If you have been falling for best-sellers that outline “7 simple steps to victory”, and disappointed at the fruit of their methods – there is more! If you are tired of trying to dissect and untangle the nets of your past, I have good news: you don’t need to!

There is FREEDOM and it comes by fixing your eyes on Jesus.

you were set free for freedom!

The next 10 days could change your... eternity.


Daily Elements

Video Challenge

  • Each day features a 3-5 minute overview challenge from Justin Rule, founder of Broken Free.

Reading Challenge

  • A daily reading challenge of digging into God's Word to memorize, meditate, and consider the truths of scripture.

Reflection (Written/Prayer)

  • Each day you are challenged to reflect in writing (possibly a new habit for you) on what The Lord reveals to you in your 10:10 that day.

What Other Men Had To Say...

Justin's approach to 10:10s completely changed how I pursue the Lord, and helped me hear His voice and draw near - awesome stuff I still do to this day!
Jonny W
Broken Free / 2017
It is such a simple way to take back control over my time and not let moments go to waste that could go to Jesus.
Nick M
Broken Free / 2016 - present
It is challenging. That's why it's called a challenge. But it's always fruitful and always provokes my heart to draw near...
Joe J
Broken Free / 2015 - present

"If you call to me... I will answer."

Jeremiah 33:3



I accept the challenge.

Need it in print?

28 pages of challenges

  • Each segment features the same written content provided in the daily emails - but without the video (obviously).

eBook designed for 10 days

  • A daily reading challenge and reading in God's Word to memorize, meditate, and consider the truths of scripture. But you have to take the initiative each day... 10 days in a row.

Reflection (Written/Prayer)

  • Each day you will be challenged to reflect in writing (possibly a new habit for you) on what The Lord reveals to you in your 10:10 that day. But unlike the digital version, you have to take the initiative yourself (whereas the digital version sends a form to you each day to answer).

No catch. We won’t ask you for your email or your info – or any donation… freedom was freely given, so we are giving back. We pray you find the freedom Christ set you free for!