What is a 10:10?

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What is a 10:10?

10:10 – John 10:10 says “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”

The Lord challenged me that if I can’t get a full 2-hours of soaking with Him or praying, then break it into 10 sets of 10 mins.

Here is an idea of what to focus on for each 10 mins.  Decide ahead of time where your 10-min breaks are! (I almost switched on my radio going to work and then remembered, OH YEAH!, I CAN PRAY FOR 10!)

So see how many sets you can get in… and expect CONVERSATION! That means that Holy Spirit speaks back – so expect to see, feel, hear, and know His voice as your practice conversing throughout the day.

10 Ten-minute Prayer Set Suggestions:

  1. B – broken.  Confess your sins. Leave nothing in the dark and ask Him to reveal hidden things so you can confess.
  2. R – receive.  Thank God for His forgiveness. If it were not for His grace, we would be condemned forever. This deserves endless thanks for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the payment for our sin.
  3. O – open.  Pour your hearts desires out/become empty. Entrust your desires to His purposes and His plan. Ask Him to change your heart, remove selfishness, and verbally give Him permission to do whatever it takes to have your heart.
  4. K – king.  Declare Him Lord and King in faith over all areas of your life. Invite Him as Lord and King over every area that comes to mind.
  5. E – examine.  Ask him to reveal hidden sin, impure motives, selfish ambition, and the secrets of your heart.
  6. N – new song.  Sing and make melody in your heart! Yep – make a joyful noise. Take all pressure off, and let it out.
  7. F – fight!  Literally do 10 mins of exercise. Yep – pushups, squats, jumping jacks… your physical and your spirit can work in tandem together. So make physical preparation for war as you prepare your spirit man. Content for your wife, kids, loved ones, and brothers impact by sexual sin.
  8. R – renew.  Worship/Soak/Renew your mind. Turn on your favorite worship tunes, and focus on soaking in His presence.
  9. E – envision.  Ask the Lord for His perspective on your life, your past, your future – and that He would be first in all things.
  10. E – empathy.  Ask the Lord to give you His eyes for the lost, the least, and those living in darkness. As Him to see what you see concerning others, those that you have hurt through your sin, and that you would understand His heart more.

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