This might be your first conference, your 10th retreat, or your last ditch attempt at breaking free from sexual sin, but you can be sure of this: the TRUTH will set you free!

begin to prepare now.

5pm on Sunday May 19 –

8pm on Monday May 20

1. Tell your boss.

Make sure you schedule the time off - paid or unpaid.

2. Tell your pastor... and your wife.

Let someone know who is in a position of authority over you that you are choosing to attend this weekend in pursuit of the freedom christ has for you in the area of sexual sin. Be as transparent as you are able, but make sure someone knows you are attending that cares for your spiritual well being, and is more than just a 'friend.'

3. pray daily for the lord to prepare your heart.

The impact of the weekend gathering will be greater if your heart is soft towards what the Lord wants to say to your heart. Begin now asking him to soften and prepare your heart.

4. Tell us more

If you would like to carpool and be able to connect with other men as you travel to and from the weekend, please submit your info on the form below. We will be in touch about pickup locations etc.

Meanwhile, give us a few more details about YOU.

5. Pack smart.

aside from the obvious (journal, bible, toothbrush stuff): Bring a comforter or sleeping bag with a pillow... there are beds, but let's make it easy for clean up crew and not mess with their linens. Bring a towel for shower/ swim. There is woods, a pond, a bowling alley indoors.and lots of space. Dress yourself - lol.


Bring a physical page-turning Bible, and a notebook.

  • Worship

We may worship different than your ‘style’ so ask the Lord to give you an open heart.

  • Brothers

We will gather with men from all different backgrounds, cities, and experiences – so be open to meeting new brothers.

8181 Route 183, Bernville, PA 19506
  • 1/2 or full?

You may come for one day, or full event. Just let us know so we can plan meals.

  • Cost?

If you need a scholarship to come, please ask us about funds to help.


What to bring

  • Bible
  • Notepad
  • Pen
  • open heart
  • honest heart
  • sleeping bag
  • swimming suit if you are brave enough to jump in lake
  • pillow
  • towel for shower (and soap)
  • hygiene stuff


What we provide

  • Meals
  • Teaching & Ministry
  • Beds to sleep on
  • FREE Book (Surprise for when you get there!)
  • Indoor Bowling & Games
  • Brotherhood


What God provides: Freedom.



5pm – Arrival
5:30pm – Dinner
6:30pm – Roundtable Expectations
7:30pm – Worship & Evening Session
8:30pm – Justin | Porn Is Not Your Thorn
Midnight – Lights Out

5:30am – Warrior Challenge
6:30am – Sunrise Worship
8am – Breakfast
9:30am – Worship & Morning Session with Pure Life Ministries Luke Imperato
12:30pm – Lunch
1:30pm – Worship & Afternoon Session with Jake Kail
4:30pm – Snack & Reflection
5:30pm – Wrap Up Declarations
6pm – Dinner
7pm – Cleanup & Checkout by 8.