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Broken Free Gatherings in Reading, PA

Feet On The Street is the ‘rudder of Reading’!

Reading, PA Gatherings


  • Men seeking freedom and the fullness of what God purchased for them – specifically, from sexual sin, confusion, addiction.
  • Ages 15+.  Any church.  No church. Any background.


  • Seek.  Soak. Listen.  Learn. Testify.  Go. Write. Read.  Repent. Worship. Grow.  Die.


  • 3rd Monday Nights, 8:30-10:30pm


  • Feet On The Street Ministries



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Broken Free is a Christian ministry led by Justin Rule, that seeks to awaken the body of Christ to the reality of freedom from sexual sin, confusion, and addiction – rather than settling for a seasons-of-victory mentality. It is not a church, a small group, or a denomination-specific gathering.  We have accountability under Threshold Church, and each season we look to establish a BF Leadership Team to pray for the men and women in Broken Free.

It is not social hour(s) or a passive pursuit of freedom. It is an intensive pursuit of the Lord’s presence, His promises, His destiny for your life and a commitment to settle for nothing less than everything He paid for. It is not about your ideas of timeline, process or stopping a certain behavior.  It is about submitting yourself to the Lord, His timeline, His process and His sanctification.

It is not a program – it is a pursuit.


COMMITTED Activities

  • Monday Night Gatherings
  • Selfless Challenges & Purity Prayer Watches
  • Gathering Homework (writing, reading, fasting, connecting etc)
  • 10:10s & Brotherhood
  • Weekend Overnight In Spring

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