Boldly declare freedom with our stickers, t-shirts, and other gear. All proceeds support the ministry and sharing freedom online and at churches and ministry gatherings.



We have gray and army green. A $20 donation will cover the S&H and allow us to mail you a shirt, and use about $10 towards resources, online ads, tools, and support of proclaiming the message of FREEDOM!


Our outdoor/indoor 3.5″ vinyl decal cutout is ready for your laptop, car bumper, locker, or skateboard – or wherever you need to put it to boldly say FREEDOM! We will mail with a $6 donation.



It’s time to learn to write – not tap/swipe – and give our minds a chance to engage with pen and paper, muscle and memory, as we record what Jesus speaks in times of worship and prayer. We will mail with a $10 donation.

FREE 10:10 eBook

Daily Prayer Focus Sets of 10 mins

  • A daily reading challenge of digging into God's Word to memorize, meditate, and consider the truths of scripture.

10 mins more each day!

  • Add 10 more minutes - for ten consecutive days - of seeking the Lord in prayer, worship, meditation, and more!

Daily Reflection Challenge

  • Each day you are challenged to reflect in writing (possibly a new habit for you) on what The Lord reveals to you in your 10:10 that day.