Instruments as weapons

Perspective is everything. If you view your mouth as merely a tool for communication, you will only speak when you have something to communicate. But if you view your mouth as a light, you’ll open it whenever you encounter darkness – as a tool for guidance and illumination of things […]

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Celebration of New Life

Seeing as it is my birthday, it seems fitting to reflect on the journey thus far in the time I have been gifted here on earth. It was thirty five years ago that a premature baby came into the world. Earlier than expected, but at the right time. Three-and-a-half months […]

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A Man I will Never Forget

The other day I met a man I will never forget.  As we talked, he told me an amazing story: Turns out that a few years back he was reading an article online and stumbled across a featured story about a large settlement that jumped off the page.  At first […]

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What’s Wrong With Free?

I sat down at my computer to write, and I noticed a flyer stuffed under my keyboard.  It read “Free Online Access – to the ESV Study Bible”.  It an instant, I realized there are a lot of  conditional things about our relationship with God that we falsely adhere to that […]

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What are you looking at?

What you looking at?! Ever stopped to grab a quite bite to eat at lunch and forgot to nix the onions?  Worse yet, ever grab some chips with garlic and smash them down and then head into a close-quarters meeting where you knew everyone sharing the same air was being […]

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Don’t be naive

Merry Christmas!  Question: When you think of a manger, what comes to your mind?   Straw? Wooden Shack? Magi with gifts? History tells a different story than your Walmart Christmas card.  The manger was most likely a cave in a mountain where animals were kept, not a wooden stall or shack […]

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