new creation

Not just an 8

As I grew up and frequented youth group, church events, and read popular books on the subject of overcoming pornography, I heard the same message over and over. Even now, most of the published messages, media and books on the subject say the same thing: the greatest hope is to […]

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What are you looking at?

What you looking at?! Ever stopped to grab a quite bite to eat at lunch and forgot to nix the onions?  Worse yet, ever grab some chips with garlic and smash them down and then head into a close-quarters meeting where you knew everyone sharing the same air was being […]

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Ways To Wait

How do you wait? The space between ‘making war’ and ‘living free’ Wanting something without being willing to wait for it is a sign of entitlement.  It is a poison of our generation.  It is a subtle elixir of the world’s system.  Just because the Israelite’s took control of an […]

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