make war

Signs of Life

One of the best ways to ensure you are living as a dead man is to constantly check for signs of life. The call of cross is to die daily, and consider ourselves crucified with Christ so that we are no longer living in our own strength and subject to […]

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Instruments as weapons

Perspective is everything. If you view your mouth as merely a tool for communication, you will only speak when you have something to communicate. But if you view your mouth as a light, you’ll open it whenever you encounter darkness – as a tool for guidance and illumination of things […]

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Celebration of New Life

Seeing as it is my birthday, it seems fitting to reflect on the journey thus far in the time I have been gifted here on earth. It was thirty five years ago that a premature baby came into the world. Earlier than expected, but at the right time. Three-and-a-half months […]

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What are you looking at?

What you looking at?! Ever stopped to grab a quite bite to eat at lunch and forgot to nix the onions?  Worse yet, ever grab some chips with garlic and smash them down and then head into a close-quarters meeting where you knew everyone sharing the same air was being […]

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Too Tired?

Too tired to begin? Following up on the topic of “death” from Phillipians 2: Ever walked outside and figured the snow was already too deep – might as well not even start shoveling? Ever stepped off the scale and decided your weight was already so far over the edge of […]

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Victory vs. Freedom

Victory vs. Freedom / Author: Nick Peterson Deception is extremely powerful.  It is deception that oftentimes gets us just enough off course to actually miss the mark.  Deception works because it is close enough to be similar, but not exact enough to be synonymous.  If I’m giving you directions to […]

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