Not just an 8

As I grew up and frequented youth group, church events, and read popular books on the subject of overcoming pornography, I heard the same message over and over. Even now, most of the published messages, media and books on the subject say the same thing: the greatest hope is to […]

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Celebration of New Life

Seeing as it is my birthday, it seems fitting to reflect on the journey thus far in the time I have been gifted here on earth. It was thirty five years ago that a premature baby came into the world. Earlier than expected, but at the right time. Three-and-a-half months […]

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A Man I will Never Forget

The other day I met a man I will never forget.  As we talked, he told me an amazing story: Turns out that a few years back he was reading an article online and stumbled across a featured story about a large settlement that jumped off the page.  At first […]

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What’s Wrong With Free?

I sat down at my computer to write, and I noticed a flyer stuffed under my keyboard.  It read “Free Online Access – to the ESV Study Bible”.  It an instant, I realized there are a lot of  conditional things about our relationship with God that we falsely adhere to that […]

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A perspective on Love

Sometimes we need to rethink our perspective of Love.  It was indeed sets us free! I survived. By Justin Rule | 6.14.16 (Download/ Print PDF) I survived the terrorist attack on the club in Orlando I was right there. I was with the barista and the high school grad I […]

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Victory vs. Freedom

Victory vs. Freedom / Author: Nick Peterson Deception is extremely powerful.  It is deception that oftentimes gets us just enough off course to actually miss the mark.  Deception works because it is close enough to be similar, but not exact enough to be synonymous.  If I’m giving you directions to […]

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