Nobody starts with child pornography

I know a child pornographer. Like me, you have probably seen the recent headlines that have exposed numerous pastors, leaders, and people you may not have suspected were involved in child pornography, as being perpetrators and sadly enslaved to the perversion. Some of them I knew personally and was as […]

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Signs of Life

One of the best ways to ensure you are living as a dead man is to constantly check for signs of life. The call of cross is to die daily, and consider ourselves crucified with Christ so that we are no longer living in our own strength and subject to […]

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Weekend Gathering – 2018

Join Broken Free for an overnight that will change your life. (Yes – you will need to request a day off on Monday, May 7. Why?  Because your freedom is worth it!) Join us as we encounter the Truth, and the Truth sets us free. QUICK FACTS | 3rd Annual Broken Free […]

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Dating God – How we’ve got it wrong

I was prepared to open our recent Weekend Gathering for men seeking freedom from sexual sin with a particular message… But then Holy Spirit began to speak to me about dating vs. being married vs. experiencing marriage. This is a brief overview of those thoughts, the charts that I reference […]

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