Broken Free is a ministry that started in 2015 through Threshold Church in Lancaster, PA.  It has since grown to serve people from various churches across Lancaster County.  Any man from any church, neighborhood or walk of life is welcome to attend.  There is also a bi-weekly group for wives whose husbands are enslaved in sexual sin that offers support, wisdom and healing.

listenThe mission of Broken Free is to see the church, the Bride of Christ, set free from sexual captivity and confusion.

The Problem & The Solution

Pornography, sexual addiction and sexual identity issues are running rampant in the world….and the church.

The reality is that Jesus paid to free both the world and the Church, however, it is impossible to free yourself.  You must be broken free.  The Bible is clear that it is only when The Son sets you free that you can find freedom.  It is not the result of your own efforts, a program or a good book.  You can indeed be transformed by the renewing of your mind!

Broken Free has weekly gatherings that are open to any man who desires to walk in freedom from addiction (sexual, drug, alcohol etc).  A group for wives meets as well on a bi-weekly basis.



Justin Rule is the lead teacher and facilitator at Broken Free.  There is also a group of Godly men who meet monthly to pray over the past, present and future people who will encounter the ministry of Broken Free.

After being set free from 20 years of intense sexual addiction and identity issues, Justin realized his calling to ‘set the captives free’. Being exposed to pornography and enslaved by sexual sin at age 7, he lived a double life as an outspoken Christian and a secret sex addict (listen to his journey here) until his 3rd year of marriage.  After 20 years of captivity, at age 27, in 2008 Justin reluctantly and unwillingly enrolled in Pure Life Ministries Overcomers-At-Home program, along with his wife.   Afraid he would lose his deposit on the program if he didn’t keep up with the daily Bible readings and workbook assignments, he faked-it-to-make-it for the first weeks and months.  However, by the power of God’s Word being sown in his heart, when the 4-month intense program was up, Justin was surprised to realize the truth of God’s Word that he was indeed a new creation, old things having passed away and all things become new!   

He describes his mind renewal process as having had his head forced in a pool of water (The Word of God) until he drowned (dead to self) and then had no choice but to drink in the Water of Life that renewed his mind and flushed his old self, desires and flesh away. The following year was a process of learning to walk in victory, and put to death his old self.

Justin and his wife continued their journey of building trust together in the Lord over the next seven years and the Lord has graciously redeemed what was lost, restored their marriage, and they began Broken Free in 2015 with a desire to see other men, women and marriages broken free and enslaved only to Christ!

In 2016, Justin began writing his first book on the topic of freedom from sexual addiction and confusion (entitled ‘Surprised By Freedom’), and is hoping to release his book in 2018.  Having had first-hand experiences in the approaches of modern psychology, and researched both the wisdom of man and ‘foolishness of God’, Justin’s passion is to unpack the Truth from God’s Word that indeed makes all things new and sets captives free!

You were not destined to live as a struggler or settle for mere victory.  Complete freedom is possible!

Justin Rule is also the Co-Founder of Coolidge Academy, and the Co-Founder of a digital branding company – SPARROW.


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